Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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The cover to DC's February-March 1968 issue of Swing With Scooter, #11, which features artwork by the late Joe Orlando. Now this is noteworthy to me because what we've got here are a very sexy good-girl rendition of a ski bunny redhead, and as a married 40-something heterosexual male with two kids and therefore secure enough in my sexuality to tell you that Scooter there in the mid-ground doesn't look too bad, either- and Joe Orlando, while a legend in the field and someone whose acheivements I acknowledge and respect, has never struck me as the type of artist that could be counted on to illustrate sexy women and/or men on a consistent basis.

So, I give you exhibit A: Joe Orlando could draw the babes!

Scooter was an odd book anyway, born during DC's infamous Go-Go Checks period (which of course, fascinates me no end) out of DC's fierce yen to appeal to the turned-on hippies and teens that Marvel was appealing to at the time...but it was real difficult for the old-school WWII-era creators to wrap their heads around that zeitgeist, and most of what the company put out is proof. But as I recall, this series (which I think I actually used to have a couple of issues of when I was seven years old) was kinda fun in that Adventures of Bob Hope featuring Super-Hip! way. This was the last cover which reflected the wannabe-mod vibe, the very next issue's cover, and the next seven issues after that, were drawn Archie style, to compete with the popularity of that comics company's books and its TV show as well.

This first caught my eye as I read through Orlando's section in the enjoyable new Harper/Collins EC Comics retrospective, Foul Play! The Art and Artists of the Notorious 1950s E.C. Comics! by Grant Geissman! Sorry! Getting carried away with the exclamation points!

Anyway, like the recent True Story, Swear To God TPB, I'll be slapping together some paragraphs about it soon, and not in a place where you might expect! Aagh! There I go again with the fershlugginer exclamation points!!

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