Thursday, May 26, 2005

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Apparently the Rann vs. Thanagar conflict has spilled over from the four color world into the Comics Blogospeheriverse...and people are choosing up sides. The time for sitting on the fence is rapidly coming to a close, and so it is incumbent upon me to choose. Which I shall now do.

By nature, I am a peace-loving, live-and-let-live kinda guy, and hate aggression and war. So it may come as a bit of a surprise that I have decided to back the arrogant, war-mongering, imperialistic Thanagarians, who gave us Byth and the Equalization Plague.

Two things swayed my decision: first, when I was a kid (and actually, years later when I was in my 20's) I had a whole bunch of Hawkman comics, and virtually no Mystery in Spaces featuring Adam Strange. Second, Hawkgirl (especially in her rock-hard abs Kendra version) is a lot sexier than Alanna. I'm a pig, I know.

So, God help me, I cast my lot with the Hawks. I'll have to live forever with the consequences of my actions.

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