Wednesday, May 25, 2005

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Busy busy busy right now, but I wanted to point you to a couple of great things I've seen lately. First, a Comics Journal message board thread which features a ton of great Harvey Kurtzman art, including a illustrated story done for Esquire magazine which describes his meeting with James Cagney as he filmed a movie in Ireland. It's abso-fricking-lutely hilarious. Found via Wil Pfiefer. I would have commented on the thread itself, but I seem to have forgotten my TCJMB password.

Also, via Mark Evanier: They're giving Official JBS mascot Super-Hip! co-creator Arnold Drake the Finger!

In semi-related news, I won a copy of Adventures of Bob Hope #101 on eBay yesterday.

There. This oughtta hold you until I can post something of substance.

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