Thursday, May 19, 2005

A couple of quickie updates:

First, you're not tripping- I had a post up about the apparent hostility being directed in the media towards Star Wars "geeks" and featured a cartoon which inspired my little rant. Problem is, I ganked it from the website and they had very specific and quite succinct warnings about ganking their cartoons from their site. At first, I thought "Aw, ta hell with it- I'm not making any money here plus I linked back to them. Plus, my pitiful little 200-something readership is surely beneath their notice." But the more I thought about it, the colder my feet got, so I pulled it. My luck hasn't exactly been real great lately (although I've had a couple of pretty neat things happen in the last couple of days), plus nobody had commented anyway. In case you were wondering, now you know.

Also, my LCS, which I complain about a lot, exchanged my Kane TPB no questions asked, and I got the rest of my comics for this week. Domo arigato to the lovely Megan for being so nice and cool and stuff.

Hopefully, before the evening is through, more reviews as catch-up week continues.

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