Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.

Since tonight is Christmas Eve, I figured I should try and post something moving and profound and so forth...but lacking the words, I thought of one of the best holiday-related things I've seen on TV in a long, long time might suffice: "O Holy Night" as performed by a group of musicians from New Orleans on the ill-fated Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip's Christmas episode of a couple of years ago. The show went off the rails pretty quickly, and was a real disappointment, I think, but the Christmas show was perhaps the best one, outside of the pilot, that aired...and the clip above was one of the main reasons why.
"Night" is one of my favorite carols, especially the version on an LP I had growing up, by "The Magic Organ". I'm not exactly sure about that title; I think Mrs. B has a copy at home somewhere and I'll look it up later. Anyway. For more info on the musicians, go here.

And from all of me to all of you, I hope you all have a great Christmas season. Or Hannukah. Or Kwanzaa. Or Festivus. Or whatever.

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