Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ima Gunna Get New Kahmicks!

Yes, that's right, it's time once more for me to share with each and every one of you what I'll be getting in my DCBS box, and eventually reviewing, come Thursday or Friday! And these ARE:


JINGLE BELLE: SANTA CLAUS VS FRANKENSTEIN- Yes, I read this one already and wrote about it over a week ago, through the magic of illegal downloading. Don't worry, Mr. Dini, I trashed the file after reviewing it for PopSyndicate.com.

TERRA #3, 4: Gotta love those weekly series (or is it bi-weekly? Getting my books as I do, I lose track)

SANDMAN: THE DREAM HUNTERS #2: I had bitched a little in my review of #1 at, you guessed it, PopSyndicate.com about the drab coloring, and lo and behold along comes the artist, Craig Russell, who sent me JPEGs showing me how different the color was in the originals compared to the way it printed. I appreciated that very much, but have not yet had the chance to dig my copy of #1 back out of storage to compare. Still, he says subsequent issues will be better, and I do not doubt his word for a minute.


HELLBOY: THE WILD HUNT #1: I, for one, thought Duncan Fregredo's art was the best thing about the previous miniseries he and Mignola collaborated on, and he's back for more with this one. Hopefully the story will be a bit less convoluted and a bit more unpredictable.

FINAL CRISIS #5: I've read this already, and it is indeed an explosion of action, but sadly it detonates at the expense of clarity. Morrison seems to be writing this like Eno used to compose pop song lyrics: by writing random sentences and phrases on cue cards, then shuffling them up and reordering them. Not exactly conducive to reader enjoyment.

AMBUSH BUG: YEAR NONE #5: They should just collect Giffen's CBR columns.

100 BULLETS #98

HELLBLAZER #250: Jesus, I can't believe this has hit the 250 issue mark already. It's a grab bag of writers and artists, some of which are returning, some of which are brand new. I'm looking forward to seeing the great Sean Phillips draw ol' Conjob again.

COURTNEY CRUMRIN AND THE PRINCE OF NOWHERE: I have yet to fail to enjoy a Courtney Crumrin series or one-shot, and I have no doubt that this will continue that trend.

WASTELAND BOOK 03: BLACK STEEL IN THE HOUR OF CHAOS TP: Even though the scripting is derivative and mannered, and I don't care for the art all that much either, I am still interested in some level in what happens here...so I tradewait with this one. I believe this might be the last one if I'm not blown away by this one, though.

I also placed my order for books shipping in February:

100 BULLETS #100 (No! It can't be...over? They should put out an issue #101 in a few months just to mess with people)
B.P.R.D.: BLACK GODDESS #2 (I think I used the Beyoncé joke last time, so I won't go there)
AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 (Hey! They're back, faux Venus and all.)
JERSEY GODS #1 (I don't think Kevin Smith has anything to do with this; blame Sims for bringing it to my attention. It looks veddy interesting.)
SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE UNIVERSE #5 GN (The hype leader for early 2009 is in the pipeline!)

That's all I got!

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