Monday, August 13, 2007

I absolutely must interrupt my hiatus to pass this sad news on- according to Blog@Newsarama, MIKE WIERINGO has passed away.

What a shock. While I only own one or two comics he drew, I've enjoyed seeing his work posted regularly on his blog/website; he had a fluid, dynamic, graceful, clean style that was a joy to behold, and he brought it to everything he drew, be it a childhood reminisce or cheesecake illo or Fantasy series work like his co-creation, Tellos. I also would comment once in a while, and he was always friendly and pleasant to converse with.

I can't say I really knew him like many of you out there may have, but I definitely think the world will be a poorer place for his passing.

EDIT 11:02 CST: Here's a post on Mike from about three years ago, with some art. Just remembered it, thought I'd share.

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