Thursday, August 02, 2007


That wild and crazy comics blog meme! Tonight's cogitation is from none other than the late, unlamented by most Jared Stevens, AKA FATE, also guest starring the Phantom Stranger in his oddball semi-Vertigo Amish farmer hat period. Anyway, after skimming through darn near the entire run, I noticed that inner monologues were as close to thinking as Jared ever came; the writers never bothered with traditional word balloon-type thoughts. It provided a sort of narration, but it was also (as I said) an inner monologue, so I believe that constitutes "thinking", so here it is.

This may also be as close to a Fate overview as you'll get from me; after rereading the lot of them, I just didn't find that much to write about. It started out really awful, in that early-Image way, then kinda found its bearings about 14 issues in when Len Kaminski took over as writer and artists Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning began to channel their inner John McCrea. It still had its moments, especially if you imagine Stevens speaking and thinking in Bruce Campbell's voice (just try it with the page above!)...but overall it was a somewhat-better-than-the-norm collection of mystical superhero cliches, and I suppose it was just as well that it got canned. I still liked the character, though, and I hated to see him get killed.

Diamondrock's thinking it over!

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