Sunday, May 20, 2007

Like many among us, I have a MySpace page, which I use mostly for friends flypaper and to keep up with some musicians and blogposts by many interesting folks like Fred Hembeck, Michael Avon Oeming, Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark and others.. Sometimes, though, pages pop up which are just plain cool, like Forgotten Flintstones, which features a mastodon's worth of old clips and commercials featuring Fred and Barney & Co..

Just got finished viewing an amazing 1967 25-minute episode which was specially created (after the original series had ended production) at the behest of Anheuser-Busch, and serves as a promotional/instructional video for their Busch beer brand distributors and others. It truly has to be seen to be believed- Fred and Barney and even Mr. Slate drink brew after brew. There are also some 1967 vintage Busch commercials included. And it's not just an extended commercial; there's an actual storyline, albeit a familiar one, where Fred and Barney screw up at work, quit before Slate can fire them, lie to Wilma and Betty about losing their jobs, then have to come up with some scheme to get them back. In the meantime huge quantities of beerage are consumed.

This particular clip is located here; if you don't already have a MySpace account you'll have to join up, I'm sorry to say. If you do have one, you'll need to friend them...but it's worth it if you like the Flintstones.

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