Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'll bet that this is Michael Turner's favorite comic book cover right now; at least I'd bet he's hoping that potential point-makers will start posting this one whenever they want to discuss gratuitous fanboy-pandering art and dodgy anatomy instead of that notorious Power Girl cover.

Previous covers in this series, with their equally-as-dodgy anatomy-wise Tucci wannabe cheesecake renderings, have flirted with this sort of thing- but new cover artist Sana Takeda kicks it up a notch with implied tentacle porn (can't call it full-on tentacle porn without some clothes being pulled off or some penetration somewhere), basketball-size boobs, and Misty Knight's improbable hairdo, continuing the broader and cruder direction this title's been going in since it was spun off from the Daughters of the Dragon miniseries.

That mini was everything that the Heroes for Hire ongoing hasn't been, or at least in the six issues I read of it- fun, witty, cheeky, fast-paced and yes, sexy without being crass and dumb. It brought the funk. But DotD didn't sell for squat; so I'd bet that original writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray were "asked" to write it for a lower common denominator. I don't have a clue who the writer is now, but from the few pages I've seen here and there, they're progressing in that direction. Sad thing is, sales are still anemic.

Guess I'm just saying that this isn't really terribly surprising to me; it's just the desperate next step to get fickle fanboy attention. Takeda is a very good artist, as one look at her website will show- she's just doing work made for hire, meant to satisfy the writer of the check.

Poor taste? Sure. Surprising? No. Seen worse? Yep- but I've seen much better, too.

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