Sunday, March 25, 2007

Did y'all know about this?

But seriously, folks- I'm working on reviews right now, hope to have most of them posted by tonight. The above image came from one of those free Marvel flyer/promo type things that you see next to the cash register or whatnot, you've probably seen it already. DCBS stuck it in my comics shipment. When I got around to glancing at it, one thing jumped out at me- now, I'm no Dr. Scott, but looking at where the bullet seems to have entered and exited, apparently between the neck and the shoulder blade area- this isn't a fatal injury, now is it? Isn't it a bit too far over to hit a jugular vein, for example? I didn't buy Captain America 25, so I have no idea if this is taken from that comic...but it struck me as a bit odd, y'know.

One other thing I wanted to mention was this- Scott Chantler's excellent Northwest Passage is going to get the annotated deluxe package treatment! Now, ordinarily, the "deluxe package" designation also stands for "Johnny B Can't Afford", but the $19.95 price tag is cheap enough even for I may just add it to the ol' DCBS order when it's solicited. Especially considering that I never got an actual copy of #3; I got a black and white preview that I reviewed it from, and somehow missed the solicitation. C'est la vie- I'm gonna order it from Oni one of these days...

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