Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mrs. B sells insurance, y'see, so nine times out of ten when an insurance commercial comes on she's all "Turn it! Turn it!". But I draw the line at one series of insurance ads.

That's Erin Esurance above, and she's the star of a series of animated TV ads that have been appearing here and there for quite some time now. Nicely animated in that Genndy Tartakovsky-Samurai Jack Flash style, they're also very clever in how they keep coming up with fantastical situations to place her in, and I find myself enjoying them a lot. Plus, let's face it, she'a a cutie.

I found myself wondering a little earlier if these were collected somewhere on the Net, and lo and behold you can go to the site and watch all of them, either with Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

Also, I happened upon PunchPants, a blog which is maintained by three of the people who are involved with the making of the commercials, part of the main site of the animators, Go check 'em out!

You may now resume normal activity.

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