Monday, September 11, 2006

Guess you've noticed the relative lack of activity around here lately, haven't you? Well, there are reasons for that, some valid, some not so. I've been adding several new reviews to the big review column down below, but I fear many have been looking over it since they probably think they've already read it days ago. Oh well, I'd rather do it all together like that than break it up into smaller posts. But other than comics reviews, I just haven't really been moved to write about anything that falls into the purview of comics, which is what the focus of this blog has mostly been made of for a while now. Yeah, I've seen a few movies and listened to some music, very little of it new, but again, nothing I want to write about here. In fact, a lot of that sort of thing has been put up over at the LJ. Why, don't know. Guess I look at this blog now as something more like a "job", or perhaps my best foot forward, and the LJ is more of a screw-around thing. Not to be confused with the erotica-type blogging which gets linked to on the blog portal, which I am inexplicably always appearing on (probably thanks to my linkage of, a fine site dealing with such adult-oriented things, which I do like to read about upon occasion). So, if you're coming here from Joyscape, I apologize for the lack of bondage fantasies and masturbation stories...this ain't that kind of blog. But then again, I get a lot of hits from there, so I guess I can let it go on...but I'm sure a lot of people are disappointed to come looking for stroke material and getting comic book reviews, and I'm sorry but ees not my fault.

Anywho, since I'm just not feeling the writing bug right now, I've decided to just ignore the Show for a while, and see if my drunken crack whore muse can be bothered to hit me upside the head with her bottle of Thunderbird. A brief hiatus, if you will. Longtime readers will recall that I've done just that several times before, just to recharge the old batteries, and things turned out just fine. Of course, I'll be getting a new comics box this Friday, so that means I'll be back to reviewing next weekend most likely. But in the meantime, don't look for anything until then. And of course, I'll probably continue to post this and that over on the LJ so you might want to check there once in a while, if you care to.

So...this is not good bye, just farewell for now and I'll be back soon.

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