Saturday, September 23, 2006

OK, I know, I said next up was my look at the December solicits...but it's taking me forever (storming outside, here, y'see, and it makes my pokey internet connection freak the fuck right out) to accumulate the cover images and such, so here's something else in the meantime.

Caught the last ten minutes of the debut of the new LEGION OF SUPER HEROES cartoon this morning. I actually slept until after 9:00 for once, plus I didn't know exactly what time it aired, so I turned on the TV to see if I missed it and lo and behold there it was- and what I saw didn't look too bad. Like the Teen Titans toon, it was fast paced and lively, and seemed to aspire to more story depth than your average episode of Naruto or Yu-Gi-Oh. Badguys were the Fatal Five, sort of a requirement for Legion debuts I think, and I thought they were nicely done- especially the Emerald Empress, who in the right hands can be sexy as all get out. Yeah, I know, she skews a lot too young for me in this incarnation, but she was just the same. I also liked the way they portrayed Bouncing Boy- he seems to be the Plastic Man of the outfit, and his longtime gal pal Triplicate Girl (Y'see, I always preferred the Bierbaum codename Triad- "Triplicate Girl" makes her sound like a secretary) who was given a lot more freedom and ability to split faster than she is in the comic, plus when she divides into purple TG, orange TG and white TG, she gets hair color to match! What do the anime fangirls say? "SQUEEE!" I don't like the freaky pointy eyes they gave Saturn Girl- I know, it's to emphasize her alien nature but they make her look like Jerry Mouse as animated by Chuck Jones. I also don't care for the Transformer-esque Brianiac; it's good to see his character design was based on the Olivier Coipel version, but I dislike that whole Robobrainy idea.

I think that if I can get up in time, I'll watch more.

And now for something completely different:

You may have forgotten by now, but there's this really good title coing out from Wildstorm called The Winter Men. # 4 came out what? Two, three months ago? It makes Jack Staff and the Ultimates seem like bi-weeklies! But now, according to writer Brett Lewis' MySpace page, #5 is set to be released in two weeks, and he's even posted links to some pages of John Paul Leon art.

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