Tuesday, August 08, 2006

OK, I'll get this done right off the bat: sorry I haven't finished my reviews yet. Work (it's been insane, insaner that usual, for two weeks now) schedule and fatigue have conspired against me, it seems, and thus I resort to yet another whining "I'm sorry..." post. If Brenda Lee was a blogger...

But here are two things: first, the pic at right is something I found somehow, I forget where- I've had it bookmarked for a while now. Probably Mike Sterling, but I dunno. Anyway, it's the two-page spread promo for Thriller from DC Sampler #2, which I useta own but don't no mo. Unfortunately, it's the inferior Wm. Dubay/Alex Nino version, done about the time of issue #10, but still it's kinda neat to see again. If I live long enough to get around to redoing my Thriller site, I'll definitely have to include it but since that ain't gonna happen anytime soon you can all check it out right here. Found at tonyznet.com.

Also, kudos to Chris "Knight" Arrant, Neil Kleid, Elizabeth Genco (bet she hates those insurance commercials) and all the other Chemistry Setters for the successful launch of their new webcomics site. And judging by the results so far, all are interesting, and a couple are more than just that: Arrant & Dan Warner's 1 Way Ticket and Genco and Adam Boorman's Scheherezade are off to nice starts. I also am struck by Jim Dougan and Eric Kim's Vulture Gulch, weird western buff that I am. Which is not to say that the others aren't worthy of mention...oh hell- I'll mention 'em anyway: Vito DelSante's Stuck, with art by Tom Williams that reminds me a smidge of Paul Pope or Hawaiian Dick's Steven Griffin, and Kleid and Kevin Colden's Todt Hill nicely establishes a mood. I'll try to opine more later, perhaps.

A personal note- I was born much too early, I think. I spent the first, oh, 25 or so-odd years of my life wanting to be a comic book artist really bad. Knew I had some skills, as Napoleon Dynamite would say, but my style, especially my poor inking, just didn't look like the Kirby/Adams/Buscema/etc. established-and-preferred style that the big boys wanted...no matter what I tried. Plus, living in Bumfuck and not being able to afford (or, let's face it, with a wife and family, justifiably believing myself unable) to head off to the Big City and pursue that dream...not to sound like I'm bitter, far from it on THAT account. It was just something I couldn't do. Too many responsibilities. So after I turned 25 or thereabouts, I tried less and less and despite 6 years of college art classes beginning in 1994, including about 3 of them actually spent drawing or painting, I didn't get any better. So, as dreams often do, I let that one die a gentle death with much sadness and regret. But now, I see the proliferation of styles and approaches, and great venues (such as the Chemistry Set or Ellis' new site, name of which escapes me offhand- Modern Tales (?)) through which one can get their work out there and have it judged by its own merits rather than being saddled with drawing Martian Manhunter in a 4 page backup story inked by Bob McCleod or Vinnie Colletta (believe me, though, in 1982 I would have jumped at the chance)...it's amazing and saddening all at the same time. And I can't help but wonder what if. But don't cry for me, Argentina- I'm sure I wouldn't have made the best of it anyway. It's the one constant in my inconstant existence. Maybe...maybe...I coulda been a contendah! I coulda been somebody!. Well, I'm "someone" now. Nobody important, necessarily, but someone. You know what I mean.

Am I rambling?

Anyway, that's all I have for now. The painkiller is taking effect, I'm getting all weepy and boring, and I...must...finish...thi-i-i-i-ssss...nooowwwww

Aw, I'm kiddin'- I'm only taking Naproxin for my tendinitis-plagued shoulder. Won't make you drowsy or nuttin, darn it. But it's OK, I'm drowsy anyway. Good night.

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