Thursday, August 31, 2006

I still have a ton of reviews to write, and I get a new comics box tomorrow, so it appears that I'll have my work cut out for me! I went to the LCS today and picked up Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters 2 and Heroes for Hire 1; liked 'em both more than I expected to. Also stuck the latest JLA Classified back- it's at least a three-parter, so what's the hurry? I picked it up mainly because of the Killian Plunkett art.

So, how about something that always works when I don't have the energy to write anything else: Bacardi Show Birthday Greetings!

First, to the amazing VERA BROSGOL, whose art I worship from afar. Here's a story she illustrated that I'd never seen before.


The Celtic Soul Brother, VAN MORRISON. More so for his incredible folk/rock/jazz work from 1969-1974 than anything else, and even a few years after that. Too often these days, though, he just comes across as a grouchy old fat man bellowing about God and how much the music business sucks, even as the evil music business people pay him good money to do so. Still, boy, do I love me some Veedon Fleece, St. Dominic's Preview, It's Too Late to Stop Now, and Astral Weeks.

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