Monday, August 28, 2006

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Hail to the King, baby.

When it comes to posting about Jack Kirby, seems like I always post one of three covers...#35, probably my all-time personal favorite issue of the Fantastic Four; #22, the first FF I remember having had bought for me; and #37, which made a deep impression on me due to its unorthodox (for the time) color scheme. So, I decided to put up a different one this time, to commemorate what would have been his 89th birthday: Fantastic Four #44, which I still have fond and clear memories of reading at the breakfast table one morning before heading over to my grandparents' to stay while my parents worked. And no, I don't know why I always post FF covers; I loved all his 60's Marvel and 70's DC work, especially Mister Miracle and The Demon. Guess I just always felt like he put more of himself into that title than the others.

Quite simply, there was no one that had a more fertile imagination and conveyed action and excitement as well as the King did, and I'll always be grateful for the thrills and wonder he brought this young Kentucky boy whom he'd never meet, as well as other boys and girls throughout the world for many, many years.

It should come as no surprise that Mark Evanier has something appropriately outstanding, or should that be outstandingly appropriate...anyway, go read.

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