Saturday, April 29, 2006

Let's geek out for a moment, shall we?

After reading the latest issue of Daredevil, (review coming forthwith) which contains yet another appearance of the Kingpin of Crime, I began to wonder: As many of us know, Kingy began his four color crime career as a Spider-Man adversary, but years later, Frank Miller co-opted him into his epic DD run and he stuck to the point where he is arguably the most well-known of ol' Horn-head's Rogues Gallery, with Bullseye a close second. Now, my question is this: How many more times has this sort of thing happened, at least in Marvel history? I remember Electro going over and fighting DD a few months after his debut in Spider-Man, and the Sandman went from Spidey to the Hulk several times in the late 60's, but I can't think of a case in which a major villain has gone from one comic series to another and become the most popular adversary. Can you, my esteemed and learned comics scholar blogging colleagues, think of another example?

And while I'm at it, whilst I was looking through the Daredevil covers to find the one posted above, I noticed this:

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Uh...DD was wearing his shades under his mask?

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