Monday, February 20, 2006

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Given the poor reception afforded Aeon Flux, it's incredible that this is seeing the light of day- Ultraviolet, starring JBS favorite Milla Jovovich! Will she succeed where another JBS favorite, Charlize Theron, flopped miserably? We will see.

Anyway, that's got nothing to do with the reason I'm posting tonight. What I'd like to do is 1. remind everybody that the deadline to enter the GREAT BANANA SUNDAY GIVEAWAY is 12:30 AM CST Thursday the 23rd.

Holy mackanoley! The amazing colossal JAMES JEAN has an art blog! Guess I was ahead of my time with the ol' Sketch Blog, may it rest in peace, 'cause everybody's doin it! Beware- it's graphics intensive and takes a while to fully load if your connection is as pokey as mine.

RIP The Voice of Baseball and AFL Football, Curt Gowdy. I hear his voice on TV, and suddenly I'm 11 again.

And here's that announcement I wanted to make:

Beginning in early March, I will be doing another comics review column- this time a monthly for the fine folks at Buzzscope. For lack of a better title, I'll probably call it Johnny Bacardi's New Comics Revue, like I have been here since the beginning of the year. I'll still be reviewing over here as well; in fact, the monthly will probably feature a handful of unique, as well as expanded and select reprints of pieces I've written at the Show. I'm excited and grateful for the opportunity to inflict myself once more upon a wider section of the Interweb.

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