Monday, September 14, 2009

Trouble Waiting to Happen.

I don't usually repost press notices here when I get them, but I thought I could make an exception with this...

Comic Book Galaxy Expands in Tenth Year with New Group Blog TROUBLE WITH COMICS

(The Comics Internet) -- Now in its tenth year of pushing comix forward, Comic Book Galaxy has had as few as one and as many as two dozen contributors at any given time in its history. As it rolls into its tenth year, the Galaxy is expanding once again with the creation of the new group blog TROUBLE WITH COMICS.

Comic Book Galaxy publisher Alan David Doane says in his post introducing the new blog that "[Trouble with Comics] grew out of conversations with my good friend and partner in thoughtcrime Chris Allen, as I was assembling my recent eBook, Conversations with ADD. I had to dig into the Galaxy's deepest, hidden recesses to find some of the material for the eBook, and Chris helped me pound it all into shape. As we worked together on all that, I think we both realized just how much we missed feeling the rush we got from the most exciting times we had together (and sometimes separately) on Comic Book Galaxy. With that in mind, we started talking to good writers we knew, some who wrote for Comic Book Galaxy in the past, some who are new faces around the Galaxy Clubhouse but who nonetheless agree with our stated goal of 'pushing comix forward.'"

Edited by Galaxy veterans Alan David Doane and Christopher Allen, the mix of contributing writers to TROUBLE WITH COMICS includes returning Comic Book alumni Johnny Bacardi, d. emerson eddy, Mick Martin, Marc Sobel and Diana Tamblyn, as well as writers new to Comic Book Galaxy like Alex Ness, Matt Springer, and David Wynne.

TROUBLE WITH COMICS will include regular reviews and features, as well as interviews, profiles, previews and more. Among the features currently on the blog is the first in a new series of Five Questions interviews by Alan David Doane, this one featuring comics writer Ron Marz.

You can read TROUBLE WITH COMICS by going to and subscribe to its RSS feed at .

And that's the way it is. I know, I know, I hear you saying "But JB, you can't even maintain a regular posting schedule on your OWN blog, how you gonna contribute to this?" And that's a good question. I'm thinking and hoping the great talent assembled there will prod and inspire me. I do have one longish post in the works, one which I've been asked to do by more than one person, so there's that...and plans are afoot for theme weeks and that sort of thing, which I think I could take part in as well. Regardless, I think ADD and the rest are OK with my irregular posting, so we'll see how it works out.

Guess you can call me "Trouble Man" for now...

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