Monday, September 28, 2009


...don't wake up the sleeping blogger!

All seriousness aside, I'm not asleep, not right now anyway, but I am being pulled in a number of directions, only one or two blog-related, and something has to give, i.e. this blog. I plan to get back to posting here soon, so please bear with yet another of my extended silences over here. I really do want to have at least 100 posts this year, and I'm still a ways away.

I do have a couple of longish posts up over at Trouble With Comics, so there's that, if you haven't seen them already. I'm fond of the quick-and-dirty image posting over at my Tumblr site as well...a lot of the illustration work I once posted here ends up there now.

I swear by the Hammer of Grabthar I will get back to Hammer Locke eventually, and I have quite a few comics to review once I can get the energy.

So...right. See ya later!

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