Sunday, September 13, 2009

Guess ants won't be a problem.

I was going through my Google Reader feed, and noticed a post in which someone waxed enthusiastic about this cover for the new Adventure Comics #2. And that's fine, it's a romantic image, well drawn by promising newcomer Francis Manapul. I can see why this person liked it; it evokes the classic-for-some Superman-flying-with-Lois scene from the first Superman flick, and I always appreciate a comic book cover that employs understatement rather than the usual hysterics.

Problem is, I also look at this cover and wonder exactly what practical purpose having one's picnic thirty feet in the air, on the back of your super-dog no less, would serve. Seems like you'd always be having to fly down to the ground to get this or that, and if you should drop your napkin, well, better have a few more handy! I'm sure this Kon-El character would have anticipated it, because, well, he's super and all that. Poor Krypto will, I'm sure, be begging for scraps, and that could cause some tension-mounting plunging-to-the-ground situations as he scrambles to get them. I'm sure he'll get impatient and be glad when his master gets done pitching woo as he munches on his tunafish sandwich, and heaven help them if he spies a cat on the ground below! Maybe it's just because my soul is a shriveled-up little black thing that resembles a raisin, who knows...but this scenario just looks odd and impractical to me.

Reviews coming. Coming at a snail's pace, but they're coming just the same.

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