Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This, that, and the ever popular other thing.

I've been on a pretty good roll as far as blogging goes lately; I want to keep it going but only have about five comics reviews done out of about fifty, so I thought I'd just post some miscellaneous stuff here, all in one place-like. Much of this has been posted already on my Tumblog (Tumblelog? Whatever- link in sidebar at right), but since I am dubious that others follow me both here and there at least on a regular basis, I thought I'd post some things I've also posted over there. Hope you don't mind.

First, here's a utterly charming little Wolverine illo done by the talented Maris Wicks for the (I assume) latest Project: Rooftop redesign contest. Wolvie toasting marshmallows on his claws is effing brilliant. People reblogged the hell out of this one, much to my surprise...

Let alone the fact that this ad, one of 15 Sexist Vintage Ads collected by a website called Oddee.com, uses my realworld name, amusing me greatly...but women used to douche with LYSOL? Are you KIDDING ME?

The cover for Green Lantern #23, by the great Gil Kane. Boy, this cover won't go down as one of his career highlights. Awful staging and perspective- GL looks like he's falling from a great height, and looks flat and one-dimensional in that window; it looks like Tattooed Man's plane is shooting at a poster. T-Man's Popeye "costume" is uninspired and lame, too- one of the few times a 70's super-suit upgrade actually improved a early Silver Age character. Don't get me wrong, I love Kane's work, and am but a small dog nipping at his mighty heel...but he was not on top of his game for this one.

Here's a page from a Hellboy story that artist Pete Von Sholly did recently, and posted it on his blog along with an account of his unsuccessful efforts to get this picked up by Dark Horse comics. This kinda blows my mind- Von Sholly's no hack or greenhorn; he's an accomplished storyboard artist with a deft painting style and a wicked sense of humor (his story's title? "Drag Me to Hellboy", heh heh) to boot. Why DH would pass on this, especially in light of some of the stuff that passed muster back in the Hellboy: Weird Tales days, is beyond me.

One of the most bad-ass covers I've seen lately, from Smash Comics #3. What a kickass robot! I keep hearing Thin Lizzy when I see this one.

Back on Memorial Day (Monday, at least, my day off), I kinda found myself killing time by hunting up images of good old Poison Ivy, from the popular Batman comic books, and posting them on my Tumblr. This is the image that got me started, by someone named weshoyot on DeviantArt. Love that leafy bikini bottom.

Oh well, it's getting late so I'll wind this up. More stuff coming.

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