Friday, October 24, 2008


It's still Ladies' Night at Bahlactus' four-color squared circle, and my offering tonight is a scrap involving a character of which I knew a whole bunch of nothing: MISS MASQUE. She appeared in comics published by a company of which I was equally ignorant, Nedor Comics. I think a lot of the characters published by this company, including the Fighting Yank and the Black Terror, have been revived for modern audiences at least twice, the most recent being Alan Moore's America's Best Comics, in the pages of Tom Strong and I also seem to recall a one-shot or series of minis or something. Anyway, Miss M is secretly Canadian socialite Diana Adams (why were Golden Age heroines always socialites? Guess they had more time on their hands, I dunno), who solves mysteries and fights crime- even risking getting shot at by the Devil! Aw, OK, it's not really ol' Beelzebub, but it is a compelling visual, eh? Anyway, the names of the writer and artist of this little opus have been lost to the sands of time. But, thanks to the fine folks at Nedor-A-Day, we can still enjoy her, and her compatriots', exploits.

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