Friday, October 17, 2008


After a one week hiatus, Bahlactus is back with another call for four-color fracases (fracasii? What is the plural of fracas?), involving the ladies of the comics world, called FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS! My submission for tonight, pun mostly intended, is every fanman's wet dream- from the recently completed Batman Confidential story arc that featured Barbara Gordon's Batgirl and Catwoman teaming up, if you want to call it that, to fight Russian mobsters as well as each other over Babs' dad's notebook. In this seven-page scene, which surely answers the prayers of those who yearned to see Babs and Selina in a naked catfight, if you will, Batgirl has been forced to follow Ms. Kyle into a Gotham underground sex club in which clothing is not allowed...and of course chaos ensues. From the very enjoyable (and not always for prurient reasons) Batman Confidential #18...written by Fabian Nicenza, of all people (successfully channeling Giffen and DeMatteis' bwah-ha-ha style) and illustrated by the incomparable Kevin Maguire. Oh, and click to see the images all embiggened.

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