Wednesday, April 30, 2008

FWIW, I like this cover, for the latest Local, (which came out yesterday, I think) quite a bit. I think it's the 3/4 view drawing of the hitherto dislikable (she may be nicer and more together now, don't know) Megan, and the way her head's shaped. Yeah, that doesn't sound very good, does it. Anyway, sometimes I regret ceasing to get that book; I might have to consider getting the issues I have missed, four in all I think, when #12 comes out. Anyway.

Hey, I'm still around, but I'm going to be in lower-than-usual content mode for a while longer. Work, life, etc. plus a whole bunch of nothing to say and little time to say it is making it difficult to make time to cast my swine before all you pearls. But hey! I can always make time to let you know what I'll be getting from DCBS this weekend, hopefully Friday:

THE SPIRIT #16: Probably my last issue. It's not terrible, just uninspired- and honestly, the Evanier/Aragones/Ploog/Smith team's issues have been better than some of Cooke's less effective outings. It's just obvious that this is staggering on because of Miller's godforsaken movie, and since I have such deep love for the character I just don't want to be a part of this anymore.

FABLES #72: I guess it's about time for the other glass slipper to fall, and I dread it, although I'm sure that it will be as well-done as the other issues to date have been, by and large. This particular issue, though, is the finale of the Bondian Cinderella two-parter, and should be good.

NUMBER OF THE BEAST #2: This has got to get better, right? Keep reminding myself: Sprouse/Story. Sprouse/Story. Sprouse/Story.

NORTHLANDERS #5: In a lot of ways, this is Wood's best since Demo.

THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST #14: I seem to recall reading that this is the big climax. If so, I'm a little sad to see it come. And stop giggling, you dirty minded people.

That's all I'm getting! Monster shipment, huh! Some comics pundit I am...

I'd like to say I'll be scooping up a goodly amount of FCBD books this Saturday, but to do so I'd have to make the drive south to my comics shop, and even then I'd have to hope that they were handing out the books in a more, shall we say, generous and easy-accessible fashion- and that they had books there besides the usual Big Two or Three offerings, unlike my last FCBD visit two years ago. But still, they probably still have those Blue Beetle back issues I'm dying to get, and they're offering 20% off storewide, and that's a strong incentive. We will see.

Also, I recently purchased, for the princely sum of four dollars six, the joint Tim & Jeff Buckley bio Dream Brother from an Amazon merchant the other day, and I'm hoping to get that in the mail in the next couple of days. I've been on a bit of a rock bio jag since Christmas- since, I've read bios of Pattie Boyd Harrison Clapton, Ron Wood, and Eric Clapton, all of which interconnect in funny-strange ways. For what that's worth. If I read that Tim Buckley was shagging Pattie, I will flip.

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