Monday, April 21, 2008

"But seriously, he has an incredible sense of drama. And Kane's figure is so important. He has a different type of physique. He doesn't have Conan's physique..."

"The clothes are tough because if you look at the reference for Puritans, there is some stuff that doesn't work aesthetically, so we are taking some liberties," he explained. "The idea is that it is a fantasy book but it is set in a historical time so we want to get the historical period right, but not slavishly right. We want to stylize it. We want Mario to let his style render the world in a certain way. We want to get the weapons right, but maybe amplified a little bit."

Writer/editor Scott Allie, on his upcoming take on Solomon Kane. Sigh. I would be all over a Solomon Kane book done right, but yet again, it doesn't look like we're gonna get one anytime soon. Even Chaykin and Thomas's 70's Chaykinman Kane beats this hypermuscled buffoon. And frankly, the material doesn't need "amplifying".

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