Saturday, April 19, 2008

Here's a "Ladies of the DCU" poster which I've seen posted here and there since Valerie D'Orazio posted it yesterday. The finished result also bears the script "The REAL power of the DC Universe", a playful sort of "tribute" line. And of course, there are the usual kneejerk accusations of "sexism" in response. It never fails. To me, it seems like a fairly typical Hughes illustration; the dude has made his name doing cheesecake and pin-up girl style art. In my opinion, he does it very well, with a sense of humor, and if sometimes he crosses a line, he usually always does so in a non-malicious manner. That's one of the problems with the blogosphere as we know it these days, it's great that everybody can express their opinions, me included, no matter how uninformed, shortsighted, prejudiced or just plain stupid they are. Guess that's just the way things have to be. Hughes, for his part, is cashing his fat paycheck and will keep on doing that thing he does so well.

As for the poster itself, like many who have opined, I fail to understand why Lois Lane was left off, as well as Hawkgirl, as well-known as Vixen (who did make the cut) via the Justice League Unlimited TV series, and any of the female Legionnaires. Oh well. It was Hughes' choice, and you'd think the DC people had final say, so complaining is futile. If I had done a piece like this, I'd have probably had a different lineup, but so would have practically everyone else.

I'm sure Ghost, the Dark Horse character whose exploits Hughes used to chronicle in the early issues of her title, would applaud the wardrobe choice.

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