Friday, February 29, 2008

Well, I've decided. No more comics, music and movies commentary from me; I'm going to be a Ditko scans blog from now on! I've had more hits today than I've had since...well, since I posted scans of that Alex Toth story a couple of years ago. But seriously folks, I thank everybody who linked to that post, the scans of which kicked my butt so hard I just had to share 'em. I recently acquired a comic via the eBay with a short story that I'd like to share as well, so I might be doing the scans_daily thing again soon. That is, as soon as I get the indigo iMac straightened out so I can use my scanner reason why my presence has been missing on Bahlactus' Friday Night Fights.

Anyway, I'm sure you've noticed the image at right, another Warren magazine page scan- but not Ditko this time. One reason why I revere these old mags from my childhood, and have been so eager to acquire them in whatever format I can get them in, is because of the art of Jerry Grandenetti, which made a HUGE impression on me at a young age. Curiously enough, I've come to notice as I peruse these pages (and those of the first Showcase Presents House of Mystery as well) that Joe Orlando also worked a similar stylistic vein, but the stories that have stayed with me the longest have been those with Grandenetti art. He worked in a delirious, expressionistic style that almost made the morbid subject matter of these tales an interactive experience- when a character would experience fear or distress, often Grandenetti would draw the figure with radiating lines all around him, often with big, haphazardly lettered thoughts or statements floating around his or her head- it was a sea change from the by-comparison prim and proper work by the likes of Curt Swan or Kirby or Don Heck that I was used to from superhero comics. The page at right, while not the best example, is certainly one example of what I'm talking about. Grandenetti wasn't the most elegant or most aesthetically pleasing artist (although I've seen him do some dead-on Eisner impersonations, when he was the Great One's assistant), but he's been a longtime favorite of mine. Click on the image to see it bigger, whydoncha.

Back in '04, I posted a couple of more JG pages, and here's the links- but you may not be able to see the detail very well because I didn't make the file big enough and I didn't upload it so you could click and see it bigger/better. Mea culpa.

Let's see, what else. I am supposed to be getting my bi-weekly comics shipment either today or tomorrow; if all goes well it should contain:

WILL EISNER'S THE SPIRIT #14: So far word of mouth on Evanier & Aragones' maiden attempt at writing the exploits of Denny Colt, with art by another Eisner helper Mike Ploog, has been meh. I will reserve judgment until I have perused.


CATWOMAN #76: Another Salvation Run crossover event issue. Yawn.

BRAVE AND THE BOLD #10: I may be misinformed, but I think this is Perez' last issue. His replacement is the spectacularly ordinary Jerry Ordway, who makes the staid Perez look like Daimon Scott. This may be my last issue.

DAREDEVIL #105: Sean Collins really had a good quote about this comic a week or so ago, describing poor, harried Matt Murdock as "a rich lapsed Catholic pussyhound lawyer who can't stand losing".

IMMORTAL IRON FIST: ORSON RANDALL- THE GREEN MIST OF DEATH: I encountered the Green Mist of Death just recently. I looked at the guy and said "Dude!" What? Someone had to make that joke!


HELLBLAZER #241: It's so nice to actually look forward to this comic again!


I also bought the first trade paperback collection of DC/Vertigo's modern-day Native American Sopranos SCALPED and read it last night...Garth Ennis was right, and I'm hooked. A review of this, probably a standalone one although I might fold it in the next Spinner Rack Junkie, is forthcoming. I bought a copy of Showcase Presents: Metamorpho last weekend for $8, but soon discovered to my dismay that someone had marked up the interiors with a black ball-point pen! Kinda spoils the reading enjoyment, don'tcha know. I'm thinking I'll take it back, but I've been skimming it occasionally this week. I dare say it's the pinnacle of Bob Haney's career, Brave & Bold notwithstanding. I also found my Howard the Duck for President button the other day, I'm thinking I'll make a picture of it one of these days. yeah, I know most of you have seen it, but I wanna represent for both Gerber and the Duck!

OK, that's all I got, good evening to ya.

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