Sunday, February 10, 2008

Something I'm looking forward to this year is May Pang's new book, Instamatic Karma!, a collection of photos taken by Pang during her 1973-75 time spent with John Lennon.

Even though my Beatle admiration has taken its share of hits over the last few years (but never my admiration for the music), I still remain fascinated by not only the group years but the solo years as well, and none more so than Lennon's so-called "Lost Weekend". On her MySpace blog, Pang posted a link to a Daily Mail spotlight on the book, with a short interview and several heavily watermarked advance photos (as you can see above). Here's the link, check it out!

I also went back to look for the review I wrote of Pang's memoir Loving John, and was amused to read the comments- boy, talk about a "Woodwork Squeaks" scenario!

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