Thursday, January 24, 2008



From the top, working my way down.

TINY TITANS #3: Aww, it's so cute. But DC can put this out, and not Sugar and Spike? Just askin'. Will I be buying? Nah. I'd buy this before I'd buy something like Superman/Batman or Salvation Run, though...

THE SPIRIT #16: Now, you all know I love me some Bruce Timm...but how the hell did the clapperboard guy avoid getting filled with bullets? Buyin'? Probably. I intend to give Evanier, Aragones and Ploog a shot.

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: 1,050 YEARS IN THE FUTURE TP: Hey, a Neal Adams cover! DC be kickin' it old-school. Adams must be kickin' it old-school, too because it looks a lot like figures taken from this cover and redrawn...! Wonder if my dear, sweet, much-missed Kinetix makes an appearance in one of these reprints? Buyin? Only if Zoe's in it.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: THE INJUSTICE LEAGUE HC: I bet they were SO PROUD of Ian Churchill when he burst in to the editorial offices and said "See! See! Look! I can draw JUST LIKE ARTHUR ADAMS! All by myself!" He got many pats on the head for that, I'm sure, since as we know Adams can't draw everything. For some reason, I find the insanely detailed zipper on Poison Ivy's costume very amusing. Buyin'? Nah.

DETECTIVE COMICS #843: I like the helter-skelter jumble of Scarfaces with the striking red-dressed femme fatale lying in the middle. It's not particularly innovative, and for all I know will have little to do with what's inside, but I like the way this one's laid out and drawn. Dustin Nguyen, by the way. What is it with all these talented, and apparently unrelated, Nguyens in the comics world these days? Buyin'? No.

CATWOMAN #78: Ouch, babe! Selina goes Mike Tyson one better. This one may (and I can understand why) squick Ragnell out, but I kinda like it- it's a much more frenzied, more dynamic look for Adam Hughes, who usually goes for the graceful and/or static pose, in the best pinup artist tradition. Reminds me almost of Duncan Fregredo. Buyin'? Most definitely. I still think that Catwoman is DC's best ongoing superhero book, no matter how hard they try to make Pfieffer screw it up.

COUNTDOWN SPECIAL: KAMANDI, THE LAST BOY ON EARTH 80-PAGE GIANT: I'm sure they had their reasons, but I wonder why they chose the three seemingly random issues represented herein? Y'know, growing up I would buy the occasional issue of Kamandi, but never really was a big fan of what Kirby was doing with the book. Perhaps one of these days I should try to get the Archives edition that came out to see if they scan better now that I'm a theoretical adult. Personally, I wish they'd just put out a 2-volume Showcase Presents Kamandi and be done with it, and I don't think the King would mind. Really nice cover by Ryan Sook. I would totally buy a Evan Dorkin-scripted Sook-illustrated Kamandi toot sweet. Buyin'? Maybe.

CROSSING MIDNIGHT #18: I like this cover- no surprise, it's J.H. Williams III at his most painterly. Too bad about this lame-duck series; I skimmed the first couple of issues and it didn't grab me, so I haven't been buying. Lately, though, I've been mulling over picking up a trade- I mean, I trust Mike Carey on stuff like this, and always thought Jim Fern was a solid, if unspectacular, artist in his Ernie Colon style. Buyin'? Nope!

BIRDS OF PREY #117: OH, I SEE HOW IT IS. If I wanna read about Manhunter, DC tells me, then I gotta buy BoP, which I've always found dull and unexciting. WELL. Sorry, DC, no will do. It's either Manhunter in her own book or nothing. Buyin'?

THE ALL NEW ATOM #22: Here's another title which I ignored at first, but have read so much about that now I'm kinda thinking about picking up the first trade perhaps, just to sample. I'm sure it's been through a dozen writers and artists since then, though, so I don't know what good that will do me but my blogosphere brethren sure have made me curious! I see here where Strange Girl's Rick Remender is taking over the scripting chores, which doesn't exactly dust my ruffle, and new artist Pat Ollife may be a "fan-favorite penciller" but his stuff looks like every other DC and Marvel art drone of the last 10 years to me, so meh. Talk about someone who's overlooked, though- Jose Ladronn, the cover artist, turns out brilliant cover after brilliant cover, and nobody says a word. This one reminds me a lot of classic paperback novel cover art. Buyin'? Nah.

AMERICAN SPLENDOR SEASON TWO #1. While I've never been an avid reader of Pekar's previous work, I did enjoy much of Season One. I probably won't buy this, but I like that Philip Bond cover for some reason- well, besides the fact that it's Bond, of course, and I usually always like his stuff. Buyin'? Definitely maybe not.

I think I'll take a stab at Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and so on later. Ta!

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