Saturday, June 16, 2007

The last thing DC needs (or I need, for that matter) is for me to be shilling for them via Con announcements, especially since I am a utterly disinterested in about 85% of what they're issuing right now...but there were a few things that I noticed in this Con report at CBR that caught my eye:

Left to right: the return of Tommy Monaghan, aka HITMAN!

Jordi Bernet is back on Jonah Hex! I had decided to drop Hex after #20, but #20 (which I read yesterday, yeah, I'm that far behind in my reviews) wasn't half bad so I may reconsider. I wish DC would cancel this and American Virgin so I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore...

And that's Uncle Sam in that Dave Johnson cover, which would suggest a new Freedom Fighters series. I'm all about Graymiotti's Uncle Sam.

Rouleau's Metal Men is also cited, so it looks like I'll still be getting my fair share of National Periodical Publications, doesn't it!

Today is the day I finish Spinner Rack Junkie, I swear this on the Hammer of Grabthar.

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