Monday, June 04, 2007

Good morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

It's a little slow here at work this Monday morning, so I've been killing time looking over what's available for pre-order at DCBS, for when I make my order out for reals. These are two of the upcoming titles that caught my eye:

Another attempt to update and revive the METAL MEN, this time drawn and scripted by Duncan Rouleau, whose work I've seen here and there but which has mostly appeared in DC titles I rarely buy. His style is a bit too Amerimangaesque for my tastes, but it looks OK, and that new Copper robot is a cutie. (I'm a sad, sad man.) On the writing side, his ideas sound pretty good, for post 52-type stuff, even though I don't understand why Platinum had to be renamed "Platina". Huhwha? Anyway, overall it sounds intriguing, so I think I'll check out the first few issues anyway. I've always kinda-sorta liked the Metal Men...and if Rouleau brings back the Sizzler, I'll be even more impressed!

The team that brought us that great Daughters of the Dragon mini that went south so fast once it became Heroes for Hire is turning their attention to Shanna the She-Devil in a miniseries called "Survival of the Fittest". I'll buy this simply because I liked Daughters so much. And yeah, I like Shanna too.

Finally, this was solicited last month but I didn't order it:

This is Green Arrow: Year One by the Losers team of Andy Diggle and Jock. Blame the Engine for this; I was gonna ignore it because, well, it's Green Arrow fer Chrissakes and I've never really liked the character all that much...but Jock started posting covers and pages on the Engine message board, and I couldn't help myself. I emailed DCBS and asked them to add it to my order...but if t hey don't I guess I'll make the drive south to the Great Escape to pick it up.

Finally, since I know you all breathlessly await knowing what I'll be getting in my comics shipment every other week, here's my box, due today:

THE RIDE: DIE VALKYRIE #1 (what can I say- cars, girls, guns. I'm a pig.)

More later, perhaps. By the way, I'm up to issue #17 of Fate...

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