Saturday, July 25, 2009

"I'm going to wear them."

From Detective Comics #450, here's a spoilerific scene from one of my favorite old Batman stories, "The Cape and Cowl Deathtrap". For a synopsis, go here. It's an early Walt Simonson job, from an issue cover dated August of 1975. His art was one reason I liked it so much (even though that is a nifty, if improbable, twist at the end- how long does it take to remove a fatsuit, dress jacket and slacks, and slip on the cowl and cape, even assuming Brucie was wearing his costume under all that), especially that super-nifty bat-like rendition of the Dark Knight swooping in for the takedown. I remember copying it on my own, on a poster board. I don't have it anymore to see how I did. Anyway, wanted to share.

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