Monday, January 12, 2009

Submit to Granny!

It's been like this lately; I'll see something neat via my Google Reader, mention it (with link) on Twitter, and then I'll see the same thing I linked to on other sites for the next three days. Now, I'm not saying that I'm the one that finds these things first, and everyone else is putting them up without crediting me, far from it- I had to see them first somewhere else, you know- but I just thought I'd put something up here, on me ol' blog, before others do the same, and also because I really need to keep posting stuff here before I lose the two or three readers I have left. Above is a panel which amused me greatly, by Roger Langridge, from one of two very funny Kirby pieces he did in the 90's for con programs. Here's the rest of it, and here's the first one I saw several days ago, which is even funnier: The Kirby Alphabet. Also I think I was tickled because I've been reading the third volume of the Kirby Fourth World Omnibus, which contains some of the very best stories from those star-crossed opuses (opusii?).

Anyway, I saw the former first at Robot 6, via JK Parkin, just for quid pro quo.

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