Monday, January 05, 2009

Ima Gunna Get New Kahmicks!

I figured now that we're five days into 2009, I might oughtta post something here so people wouldn't get their hopes up and think I've retired or died or something. Well, the people who don't follow me on Twitter anyway.

So, I have a DCBS box coming either today or tomorrow, and here's what should be in it:

PATSY WALKER: HELLCAT #4: Hasn't exactly blown me away so far, although it is nicely illustrated and there's a lot to say for its cheekiness.


UMBRELLA ACADEMY: DALLAS #2: OK, let's see- I referenced Jerry Jones last time, so that leaves J.R. Ewing, perhaps? Korben Dallas?


INCOGNITO #1: This looks nice, as all Sean Phillips endeavors do as far as I'm concerned...but didn't we get the last word in on this sort of thing with Sleeper?

WINTERMEN WINTER SPECIAL #1: Ohboyohboyohboy. Actually, I skimmed this at the comics shop last Saturday, and it looks smashing, but this is not the sort of title that one I really don't know much about it yet.


I also have a few holdovers that I've read (or am still reading) and am waiting to review as soon as possible, such as

EMPOWERED #3: I also have #4 coming from Amazon Marketplace, maybe today.

WASTELAND BOOK 03: BLACK STEEL IN THE HOUR OF CHAOS: This thing, with its made-up pig-Latin Skeksis dialogue coming from some of the characters, and making up at least the first quarter of the book, is a bitch and a half to read. That's all I have to say for now.


MISTER X #1: For old times' sake. I may tradewait for the others.

AGE OF THE SENTRY #'s 1-4: Again, I got curious. Maybe a bit overrated, but anything with Millie the Model is aces in my book.

INCREDIBLE HERCULES #124: Yes, I am now a regular buyer.

FINAL CRISIS: SECRET FILES #1: Am I incorrect in thinking this is the first Len Wein-scripted DC comic in aeons?

JUSTICE SOCIETY of AMERICA #22: Screen time for Cyclone! Oh, and revisionism run wild.

That's all for now, kids. Back soon with actual writing.

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