Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yeah, I know, there's been a serious lack of anything substantial here for a while now, and I don't want to go into another dreary explanation/apology type post so all I can say is I have things in draft stage, I'll get them done eventually, and please bear with.

In the meantime, thanks to that nice guy and all around swell person Mark Evanier, you can go to and see the entire Jonathan Ross Steve Ditko documentary via YouTube. Mark's conveniently assembled the 8 parts into a cohesive whole, so you can watch it in one sitting.

Of course, as with all productions of this ilk, I want to step into the screen and say "No, it was actually like this" or "No, he did this then, not then, and not for that reason" because Mr. Ross wasn't living in my head when I was reading all those great Lee/Ditko Spider-Man and Dr. Strange stories, or the cool old pre-superhero fantasy stories that were being reprinted, or when I was getting issues of Hawk and Dove and Beware the Creeper not long afterwards. Or his wonderful inkwashed Warren stories. Or...anyway, all things considered it seems to have most of its facts straight, and contains wonderful interviews with the titans of comics such as Stan Lee, John Romita Sr., a really spooky-looking Alan Moore, and best of all...Flo Steinberg! Sometimes it threatens to turn into a Spider-Man documentary, I kinda wish someone had thought to mention that Jack Kirby did a lot of the preliminary sketches for Spidey at the beginning as well as the first cover when Steve's didn't suit, and Mr. Alan Moore (and everyone else out there who doesn't know) please know that the Creeper has enhanced, above-average strength and agility in addition to being able to laugh like the Shadow's demented cousin. Thank you.

You can watch it by going here.

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