Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My "SQUEE" for today: I was reading at Heidi's that the fine folks at ComicMix.com are launching a webcomics initiative...interesting enough, I guess- I'm kinda selective about the webcomics I do read, but read them I do and my interest really perked up when I noticed THIS title among the list of features:

...Fashion In Action...

FiA, by J.K. Snyder III (Dr. Mid-Night, Mister E), started up as a back feature in Eclipse Comics' Scout, and never had an ongoing series of its own, although two double-sized specials (see above) came out in '86 and '87. Dealing with globe-hopping mercenary soldiers who also happened to be fashion models, it was high-concept fun that never took itself too seriously (as I recall) and I liked it a lot. I'm excited to see it just may be coming back.

Also, I was delighted to see names like Marc Hempel, Trevor Von Eeden and Ian Gibson among the creators listed.

So far, sounds like this little endeavor could be something special. We shall see...

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