Sunday, April 22, 2007

Got an email from the fine folks at TwoMorrows the other day, and it goes like this:

If your can't get COMICS 101 (our Free Comic Book Day publication) at your local comics shop, you can order one now at! We're making copies available for order now, but we will be charging enough to cover our printing and postage costs. So if you can get yours locally, you'll save some cash (and get a chance to see all the great offerings your local retailer has). But for those who can't get one, order now while they last!

NOTE: Place your order now, but we will NOT be mailing copies until the week after Free Comic Book Day (May 5). And don't delay; after May 5, if any copies remain, we will be selling them at a higher price.

So if you're unable to get to a comics shop, and you want a copy of what looks to be a better-than-run-of-the-mill Free Comic Book Day offering, then by all means go here:

Click Me!

And tell 'em Johnny B sent ya.

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