Saturday, April 14, 2007

And now for something completely different- sports! Illustration, too! I haven't written about sports over here in eons, leaving it to the LiveJournal when I do, but as I clicked around hither and yon this morning I ran across this swell illo by one Robert "Chappy" Ullman on his blog, of a fetching, Mary Jane Watson-style cutie wearing the jersey of the Offical Hockey Team of the JBS, the Calgary Flames!

Of course, seeing the opportunity to share my love for good illustration work, as well as my love of sports, I had to seize it. Sorry to say, it looks like the Flames are overmatched by the Detroit Red Wings in the opening round of the NHL playoffs, and are in for an early exit. Hope I'm wrong.

This Ullman dude is all over the fricking blogosphere, by the way- here's a Blogger site he maintains as well called Atom Bomb Bikini! The Flames girl illo pops up again here, along with several others as he posts his NHL playoff predictions; he takes da Flames in seven games. Hope he's right!

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