Friday, December 22, 2006

OK, go here.

Stare at the panels of today's (and for that matter, the last few days' worth) For Better or For Worse comic strip.

Did you see it? SOMEONE HAS PUT SOME SORT OF ANIMATION ON THOSE STRIPS! THE EYES BLINK! Everything else is motionless, just like the newspaper incarnation...except the blinking eyes! Please tell me that you see it...!

As the saying goes...WHAT. THE. FUCK.

This is so lame that it's almost pathetic- is this supposed to be more of the weird "fun" that the whole website seems so desperate to promote, even as they give us third-rate soap opera day after day? Blinking eyes? Mike's fricking apartment is on fire, and they're undermining what dramatics they muster by sticking BLINKING EYES on their comic strip?

Of course, Lea Hernandez has her own issues with the website, specifically the nitwitted "letters from..." section which seems to gloss over the horror of a home fire, something which she's unfortunately well-acquainted with at present, and she has a gripe for sure. After reading her post, I thought I'd go check out the last couple of days' worth of the strip, to see what's been happening (I get my newspaper a day late- it's a long story), and that's when I was startled by the Phenomenon of the Blinking Eyes.

Oh, and you just know that it's going to be the fault of the obnoxious cigar-chomping downstairs neighbor- they've been setting something like this up ever since they introduced the couple- and I'll bet that he goes to that big humidor in the sky as a result, because FBoFW and Funky Winkerbean are competing these days for the title of Deepest, Darkest, Bleakest Comic Strip of Despair Ever.

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