Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Well, I had hoped to get the third in my Great March Review Trilogy up tonight, but that just ain't gonna happen. Soon, dearies, soon. I'll have to get 'em done before the weekend's over, since several of them are going up at PCS.

Hither, and its constant companion thither:

An upcoming Showcase Presents: THE PHANTOM STRANGER! I keep meaning to re-buy all those post-Wein/Aparo issues I used to have (27-41), but have managed to put it off for years. This might make a good substitute. Many of these have art by the underrated Gerry Talaoc. From a Newsarama posting on the recent WizardWorld LA, via...well, I forgot where I saw it. I apologize, whoever you are.

In the spirit of better late than never, here's Tom Spurgeon's 50 best of 2005. It will probably come as no surprise that I haven't read several of them, due to budgetary concerns more than anything. I have read stuff like that collected Calvin and Hobbes, but not as a part of that spiffy new, and utterly deserved, three-volume hardcover collection. Same goes for the Peanuts collections, of which I've read the first two but haven't gotten around to getting the subsequent volumes. I really think I should get The Night Fisher; the art looks wonderful. I'm on the fence about Black Hole- I bought one issue early in the run and wasn't terribly impressed even though I really like Burns' art. Now, I'm thinking that it might be worth checking out all in one place. My next comics shipment, set to go out on the 29th, will contain the SC of Top 10: The Forty-Niners, so I'm looking forward to that. Great, thought-provoking list.

No doubt you're all wondering what I thought of the V for Vendetta film, since I spent so much time writing about it back in October. Well, I'd tell you, but I haven't seen it yet! Just haven't had much of an opportunity to go to the movies these days. Wanted to see King Kong, too, but now I guess I'll just Netflix it. Le sigh.

Happy Birthday Jen Wang!

All right, I'm done. Good night.

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