Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Random stuff, from hither and thither.

First, a public service announcement.

That flatterer James Sime sent me a link to a 25-page preview of an upcoming AiT/PlanetLar release, Continuity, which seems to be a sort of Trainspotting-meets-Transmetropolitan-via little-remembered (and for good reason) Vertigo limited series Accelerate with art that reminds me of a blend of Tom Sutton, Joe Maneely or any number of Marvel/Timely/Atlas pre-Kirby giant monster comics, and Bambi creator Atsushi Kaneko.

Quite a mash-up, and the preview was a lively affair. But as Ray Davies once sang, "Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself!" Of course, the next line was "Have another drink/and you'll feel all right", so if you want to do that then by all means go ahead. Unless you're driving. But why are you reading the internet and driving?

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To anyone who's read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell...Gilbert Norrell, anyone? If I was the casting director, I would say yes.

You should all be checking out Project Rooftop, a website which features redesigns, and reviews of same, of costumes for various and sundry characters. So far, there have been spiffy new looks for the Falcon, of Captain America and... fame, and the Black Widow. The megatalented Dean Trippe, who's been known to do a mean redesign or two himself, is one of the ringmasters.

Quick! Go vote on the cover you like best for the upcoming Adventures of Brisco County DVD set! Not that I'm trying to influence you or anything, but I like the one on the right. Truth be told, my crank remains unyanked by either of them. Still, voting is open until Friday the 17th. So go! Then come back!

DC's June solicits are up. I should do a rundown and post some covers, like I used to, but it won't be tonight. Not that much I'm looking forward to, actually. That said, I like this cover, an appropriately fearsome image. But I have grave, no pun intended, doubts about a Spectre with a goatee.

I'm a bit intrigued by this new Secret Six revival attempt; I've preordered #1 and will probably pick up the first half dozen, appropriately enough. Here's the snazzy cover for #2.

Yay! Sergio Aragones gets an issue of Solo! Somehow I doubt that it will feature people reading letters on subway t rains or peeping in windows.

I don't usually buy Justice League Adventures, but I'm totally getting #22. Why, you ask? GYPSY! I answer.

Looks like I'm running them down anyway, doesn't it? Oh well...that's about all I wanted to comment on.

Still no new comics shipment from DCBS...I'm afraid that they still think I selected monthly shipping for March instead of bi-monthly like it shows on my unshipped items statement. I've sent them an email to see if I can't get it straightened out, but in the meantime I'm accumulating quite a boxful! I just hope I can get them in time to put some of them in April's PopCultureShock column. I will, however, be writing a bit about Planetary Brigade #2 and Hope Larson's Gray Horses, both of which I've recently received.

OK, that's all I got. Read the review below, willya, because I didn't mean to push it down the page so far.

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