Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Add Some Post-Apocalyptic Native American Adventure to Your Day.

From Scout #10, cover dated August of 1986, here's a nifty pinup gallery featuring some very good artists doing their versions of Tim Truman's characters, including Tom Yeates and Steve Bissette:

I included J.K. Snyder III's because it's his written and drawn-by back feature, which ran in the first eight issues of this title, that I'm going to be taking a look at next. Stay tuned!


Sawyer said...

OMG. I loved Scout - caught up with the first trade a year or two after it came out, so may 87, 88? Great story, I wonder how it's aged.

Tim Truman is comics forgotten genius. (One of many....)

zack soto said...

gosh darnit, I love SCOUT. I was just reading his TCJ interview and he said that there was supposed to be a 3rd book of scout stuff. Bums me out that he seems to have gotten distracted from that.

Johnny B said...

Sawyer- there was a recent trade that collected (I think) the first dozen or so issues, the first story arc. I thought it held up pretty well, though certain things in the art and story kinda dated it a bit. Truman put a lot into it, and it showed.

Zack: I'd love to see a 3rd book. I guess nobody's interested in publishing it. Shame.

Neil Sarver said...

It's a terrific series. I absolutely love Truman's stuff all around. I've been meaning to re-read this one of these days. It really should be soon.