Thursday, February 05, 2009

More Final Crisis silliness.

BEWARE OF SPOILERS HERE, in case you haven't read these comics already.

I was just reading Steven Grant's Permanent Damage column, in which he mused aloud (well, in print, but you know what I mean) about the eleventh-hour villain Mandrakk, and the familiarity of the name. And that rang a bell with me, too, because when I first saw the name in the accompanying FC: Superman Beyond #2, I saw this character:

...and yeah, I know this is a panel from Final Crisis 7, but in my mind instead saw THIS character:

Susan Astronomonov aka MANDARK. Am I alone in this?

And am I alone in being annoyed by the bait-and-switch Grant pulled in this reveal, setting us up to think Terrible Dan Darkseid was the Big Bad, but instead shoehorning this guy, in the best "oh, by the way" tradition, in on us? Of course, I meant to mention this in the review below but as usual I forgot. Maybe I should take notes sometimes.

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