Friday, October 12, 2007

Lots of talk lately all over the Blogosphere about webcomics these days- sadly, none here. I have my favorites, many of which are probably yours as well, and someday if I can get the time I might try to make a list. Regardless, over at the site, which features a panoply of features of varying degrees of quality, there's one which is new to me called GRUMPS (Old School Depravity) by Chris Jones, and somehow it manages to make fresh, funny hay out that most played out of humor genres, old people jokes. His art helps a lot- it's very polished and has a style which reminds me of a cross of Dave Cooper and John Kricfalusi. I think you might like it. Best of all, unlike many of the offerings from that site (and there are some very good strips by Jess Fink and J.P. Roberson), it's mostly safe for work. I still advise caution, and for God's sake don't go to any of the other strips until you get home!

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