Monday, September 05, 2005

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Well, hello there. Happy Labor Day Weekend to yas!

Say, you did know that SERENITY is only 25 days away from its premiere, right? Anyway, Yahoo has posted some production art from the film, and they're very interesting. To me, anyway. Click on the word "Serenity" in the previous sentence to see it. Unless of course you're one of the lucky ones who have been able to a) find out about, and b) attend advance screenings, most of which have studiously managed to avoid my two closest metropolitan centers, Louisville and Nashville so far.

I have high hopes of providing some actual content before the end of the day, however, it looks like it's going to be another busy one like that last three. Between attending plays at Kentucky Repertory Theatre at Horse Cave: two plays, Philadelphia Here I Come, featuring my son Britt in a small part as an Irish boyo, and damned if he didn't channel Brad Pitt as Mickey in Snatch to do so (I'm so proud...!), and yesterday The Importance of Being Earnest- both plays sporting set design and construction by my aforementioned talented son. KRT@HC, and by extension My Little Town, also received a nice writeup in the Louisville Courier-Journal yesterday. Also, other distractions the last few days include fantasy football drafts, some work around the house (the GOHRP is kinda in a holding pattern right now, as we await countertops for the bathroom and the roof people, but there's still plenty that needs to be done), working at the Snooze and WLOC on Friday, and watching some movies such as Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Layer Cake, and The Thief of Baghdad. Plus, I really need to write about the rest of the comics I read last week that I haven't writed about yet. So check back later, whydoncha?

Also, those of you who are, unlike me, able to put together lines and words in some sort of sequential order, all the better to tell stories of some sorts, should check THIS out:

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Click on the banner there to find out how YOU, yes YOU can contribute to this event, which will help towards hurricane relief for the Gulf area. Even I, Mr. "Ooh, I'm too broke to afford to give to charity" Johnny B, chipped in $10 at a couple of places on Friday.

I haven't written much about that disaster, since you know I try to keep things light around here, but that's one of the worst events to happen in recent memory, right up there, I dare say, with 9/11- especially when you consider the inept government response. Right after the threat of another terrorist strike and an earthquake in the San Fransisco Bay area, a hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast region was right there in the top three potential threats to our nation's security- and yet the Chief Idiot and his cronies continued to play their selfish, short-sighted war games at the expense of FEMA and the National Guard presence in the US, not to mention a decades-long situation with the poor and uneducated down there...and they have reaped the whirlwind. I hope this provides the impetus to get that bunch of cretinous crooks our of office, and God willing get some people in there which at least won't line their pockets quite so ruthlessly. Didn't mean to get into a political rant there, please forgive. Someone I work with actually came off with the "Well, they had plenty of advance notice, why couldn't they have made more of an effort to evacuate?" And of course, I didn't fire back with a "Well, I suppose since many of those people were POOR, UNEDUCATED and UNEMPLOYED, it's not like they could (as Bill Maher said the other night) load up the Range Rover with an extra case of Poland water and drive to their summer home." And I've kinda felt bad about that since. But the less Bush-bashing I do at the uber-conservative, right-wing God fearing Snooze, the smoother things go overall.

And of course, hindsight is 20/20, as we all know, so we had all better concentrate on making things right down there, then when that's done, or at least on the right track, come back and point fingers and assign blame.

All right, that's enough. Fish to fry and kites to fly. Later.

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